Lumber Yard Supply Co.
Great Falls, Montana

Our History

Lumber Yard Supply Company (LYS), located in Great Falls, Montana, was founded in the early 1940's as a wholesale arm of a retail lumberyard chain. Originally called Grogan Robinson Wholesale, the company incorporated as Lumber Yard Supply when the new federal laws prohibited wholesale and retail operations in the same company.

LYS in the 4th of July Parade in Great Falls, Montana.
Happy 125th Anniversary to the City of Great Falls.

LYS Received Three (3) Awards for their float:
Judge's Choice Award
Mayor's Choice Award
Secratary's Choice Award

LYS is celebrating its 123 1/2 Years in Business.

Great Falls, Montana -
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Owen Robinson, President and CEO of Lumber Yard Supply Co., is managing the Corporate Office located at Lumber Yard Supply Co. Great Falls.

Norm Vobril has been promoted to Manager of Lumber Yard Supply Co. Great Falls and will continue to help Lumber Yard Supply Co. Great Falls build a strong customer relationship, and increased sales and profits for all the employee's of Lumber Yard Supply Co. 

LYS in Great Falls, Montana is now operating out of a 9,000-square-foot office.  Stocked inventory is being stored in their 80,000-square-foot warehouse.   Therma-Tru and interior pre-hung doors, along with VT counter tops are all being built in their new door and counter top shops. 

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Lumber Yard Supply Co. - Great Falls, Montana - (406) 453-0356 (Wholesale Distribution)

LYS continues to grow and improve on a daily basis. Our truck drivers will now have you sign a pink copy when your products are delivered to help make sure you receive everything you ordered.  If you are missing something please let us know A.S.A.P. so we can get it on the next truck. 

"Products with Quality; Service you can Depend On", is printed on all our tickets, statements, and invoices for a reason.  LYS will do their best to deliver this to their customers.

LYS has just about anything and everything you need for your construction needs. Give LYS a call and place your order today...trucks leave LYS on a daily basis to deliver products. To find out the products being stocked at LYS - Click Here.

Major landscaping has been done at Lumber Yard Supply.
New grass, shrubs, trees, blacktop, fencing and a beautiful LYS sign has been added to complete Lumber Yard Supply's beautification of River Drive North.  Next time you are driving down River Drive North or taking a walk on the Rivers Edge Trail take a look.  Lumber Yard Supply cannot be missed, they encompass almost the entire distance from 9th street,  all the way up to 15th street.

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